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Tools for Keyword Research

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The most common term in blogging world is the keyword research , and tools for Keyword research . In this post, we will clearly discuss how the keyword search will be carried out and tools required to carry out this task.

The first question will be, 

What is keyword Research?

Keyword research is the basic process before writing post in blog will be carried out, means Which topic should be targeted to write a post on that keyword.

Hold on , it is not a simple process but not difficult also .

Let us continue how to do this ? 

 We can carry out these processes using some SEO tools known as google keyword planner, ubersuggest , Aherf and semrush etc …

Before Selecting a keyword , it is absolute necessary that weather the KD (Keyword Difficulty) is less than 20 and enough search volume is present or not like more than 100. 

It is a detailed process ,we will discuss one by one. Let us take the example of Ubersuggest , since I am familiar with this tool ,hence I am selecting.

SEO Tools


Open the ubersuggest in browser , then type the desired keyword in the space provided , you can select the country ,means for which country your blog post is targeted . Let us consider it as India . Then the dash board will display the result for that keyword as shown below.

Take a look on the search volume as organic traffic , paid difficult and search difficult. In the left side of the tool give many interesting features like keyword ideas with paid difficult and search difficult .

Now we can select the keyword whose SD is less than 20 and search volume is greater than 100 . In addition to this it also provides related keywords , questions ,prepositions and comparison.

You can select the choice depending on the requirement , In addition to these ,you will be having filter option , you can filter the result depending the criterion like SD,PD ,CPC and volume.

We can import the entire result using a single click , export to CSV or copy to clip board.

Let us discuss few more tools for SEO analysis.

The above Images explain these concepts.

Back Link analysis

By using uber suggest we can do the efficient backlink analysis of a URL or domain. In addtion to this ,we can find the do follow and no follow link of a website ,broken links . 

Along with this ,we get all the history of backlink for this domain , the following images will  make it clear .


It is another powerful tool widely used by SEO experts and bloggers. If you search best seo tools in the google , Sem rush will be result in top position.

The reason behind this is simple: 

It’s Keyword magic tool , competitor domain analysis will make this tool apart from others. 

The following images will show the semrush features .

Letus dive into more details about this ,

First open Semrush dash board by logging in ,wait sem rush provides 1 month free subscription , if you want click here analyze the tool completely then you decide for purchasing this tool.

We have numerous tools associated here like Domain analytics, keyword analytics , Lead generation tools, Gap analysis , topic research ,Backlink analysis ,Broken link analysis ,which are crucial in improving the google rank of a blog.

Let us take one example as SEO tools : This is the keyword I will be typing in the Keyword analytics tool, The result looks as

In this single page we can get lot of information like Volume , Global volume, Keyword Difficulty , CPC ,ad competition , trend of the keyword ,keyword suggestion , questions and SERP volume .

The serush also provides the filter option in keyword listing ,we can use this for displaying less KD keywords. 

Next we will analyze a website in semrush .

Let us take the example of ,one of the top website in seo suggestion and blogging. The result look as follows 

In the first image , it will show the Domain authority , Number of backlinks , organic search traffic , keyword listing  in different countries , SERP , trend of the domain from past few months .

After this ,it will display Top keywords ,the domain ranking for and main organic competitor. These are the extra features provided by the Semrush.

In addition to this ,it will also display the detailed backlink analysis ,this is the crucial information for a competitor ,who wants to outrank the domain in google search engine result(SERP). 

Indexed pages in the google and referring domain by the website will be displayed  in separate tabs.

Topic research:

This feature is used to explore the related ideas to the topic , This tool produces the top headline related to the topic , interesting questions and subtopic for the main topic.


I cannot explain the semrush tool in 3 images , I will add more details in my future post. please share your thought about post and give your valuable comments.

Thanking you.



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