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Micro Niche Blog Ideas

Before going for Micro Niche Blog , first we understand the meaning of niche. A niche is the area on which ,you want to write the articles or post in your blog or website. For example , Technology , Health , Relationship like dating etc .These are big areas , we can find infinite number of areas inside these niches .

Before proceeding to the blogging ,first we need to find the area on which ,we are passionate about and capable to write lot of posts without any hurdle. Always choose the niche idea, which is passionate or you like very much , otherwise the blogging becomes boring and finally you will quit.

Let us take my example , my site name is ,which deals mainly about the blogging and SEO tips to rank the article in the search engines.

What is Micro Niche?

In the previous paragraph ,we seen the meaning of niche , the micro niche is the sub area of the any broad area like technology etc. For example Bora Bora shark is the micro niche.

How to Find the Micro Niche ?

It is a difficult and as well as easy question , it’s difficult because infinite number of choices are present and it’s since if we put little bit search using following tools , you can easily choose the micro niche idea of your choice .

  • Quora
  • Google auto search technique(Alphabet soup technique)
  • E commerce website(like amazon)


Quora is one of the biggest platform to share the ideas in the form of question and answer asking mechanism. By using Quora we following advantages.

first one we get refill traffic.

By using Quora we can build our strong profile .

And it is free , any one can sign up and involve actively for answering the questions.

The following diagram shows by using Quora how we can able get the micro niche.

The above image shows both niche : shark and Micro niche : Shark attacks ,whales ,Megalodons etc which are present at the right side bar of the image. Among these sub topics , we can choose the topic ,which has highest number of followers . By choosing that ,we can write a post , it brings referral traffic.

Alphabet soup technique:

It is also called google auto suggestion , by using this we can find the alternate keyword suggestion , the following image illustrate this.

Simply go to Google or any search engine and enter the keyword you are hoping to compose a blog. After you entered the key expression, hit – space bar-‘ This will recommend you the most looked through things in google .

In the above Image we typed Bora Bora shark , after it shows many suggestion ,we can pick any of the keyword ,which relates to your blog.

E commerce web site:

Let us the take the example ,which is big collection of products ranging in all category, we can choose any product , start writing the review , usage and advantage of using the product.

For ex: take DSLR camera is micro niche under electronics niche ,if you want you can further go deeper in the DSLR camera.

There are many others way are present to find the microfiche like using the using the Answerthepublic tool.

Why we need to go for MicroNiche?

The traffic is the main reason sorry the target traffic , which brings thousands of users for your blog compared to niche. Now days the competation in the blogging is increasing in exponential ,hence we need to find another way to get the organic search results to our blog.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Micro Niche sites


  1. You can undoubtedly rank your keyword without high weight and endeavors.
  2. A basic, easy to understand useful article will rank in search engine even the website is new.
  3. You need not to refresh the contents all the time to get extraordinary organic traffic. When your site rank in the Google, you can see huge development in profit.


  1. For longer Duration ,the micro niche will not work.
  2. Google look for updated content ,so we need constantly updating the contents in micro niche sites.

Once We finalised the micro niche idea ,next is action taking part.

We need to purchase domain name , hosting space and launch the blog.

The complete details for the above process can be seen here.


Micro niche sites are only for short time and generate good revenue , if use it properly .Google is always looking for new content ,so constant updation is required to rank the micro niche blog.

Another way to rank is through paid traffic, but costs. So how to get the organic traffic to your new blog ,I will discuss this issue in the next blog.

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