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How to Delete theme from WordPress

In this article , I will discuss How to Delete themes from wordpress in very easy way.

First we need to know few basic questions before proceding further .

What is a theme?

Theme is a pre customized template for your wordpress website , it will change the appearance of the site by reducing the user tasks.

We install the theme to check the appearance of the website , if we  don;t like it ,we won’t delete it but it will retain in the WP account.

What are the problems , if we keep the unused themes in wordpress account?

There are many , I am listing out as follows:

  1. It may be used for hiding the malicious code by the hackers.

  2. Unnecessary increase the space consumption in hosting space ,may lead to slow site bootup.

  3. You will be getting the updates , even though you have not activated in the sites.

What is the difference between deleting and uninstalling a theme?

This is the common question in the wordpress users, deleting a theme means removing it completely from the WP-account . 

Uninstalling means , the theme is inactive but it is present in your dashboard ,whenever you want ,can activate it.

Well then,

How to delete themes from wordpress ?

There are different approaches , again I will be explaining one by one:

  1. Deleting from WP admin board;

One of the easiest way to delete the theme , But you should log in to the WP-admin area to carry out this method , the following images illustrate this.


Login to WP-admin ,select the appearance ,select the theme option. 

Theme details

Click on the theme, select the theme details .

Theme delete

Select the theme button on the bottem right corner to delete the theme.

  1. Deleting a wordpress theme from FTP client:
    This is little bit advanced but best method if you don;t have WP-admin password.

  1.  Login to wordpress site using FTO client and then go to /wp-content/themes/ folder .

  2. Identify the theme you want to delete , right click on that name and choose the delete option.

Deleting a WordPress theme using the file manager.


 This is the last method for deleting a theme from wordpress. 

First, we need to login to the hosting provider dashboard area. (Here I am showing the siteground options.)


After that we need to select the File Manager, In the file manager you will get the theme information, then simply delete the theme ,you don’t want.

Hosting login
Login to Hosting provider Dashboard
File manager
Select the theme you want delete
How to delete themes from wordpress
Select the delete option to delete the theme.

How to restore the deleted theme in wordpress account?

If you accidently deleted a theme , you  can restore it back by using following approaches.

The first method is , go to backup folder and click on the restore button to get the theme back with full customization.

The second method is installing a fresh copy of the theme , but you will loose all the customization .

I hope this article helped to delete a theme from wordpress account , if you like this article just by commenting below and sharing it in social media by clicking the following buttons.

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