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Free Backlink Indexer : A definitive Guide in 2021

free backlinks indexer
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Free Backlinks Indexer 2021:Learn How To Index Backlink


What is Backlink? Why we need to index?

We start the discussion on the backlink indexer by understanding the basic concepts like Backlink, Indexing, etc. A backlink is the link is provided from one website to another website. This is the simple definition of Backlink.

The meaning of backlink is very simple but it is very important for any website to rank in the search engines.

The google search engine ranks any website or any URL based on the backlinks to a site  means if any website having more link from other websites , it is cleared the website is having more value i ,e most trusted one .

If use any SEO tools for the traffic of analysis of website , you will get clear picture, to illustrate this , I am including a simple image to explain this. 

Traffic Overview

The above image is the traffic analysis of in ubersuggest. There are different parameters are present, organic keywords: Indicates a number of keywords the site ranking for, Monthy traffic , Domain Authority, and Backlinks. You can see the has 9Billion  backlinks, so this makes the most trusted site on the internet.

Hence the Google ranks as the first result if you search any keywords related to their products. I hope you got the idea about backlinks and their importance in ranking the website in Google results.

Now we will come to the second part of our question needs indexing,  The answer is very simple, we need to rank on the first page of Google results. The reason behind this is 90% of users click the results in first page means more numbers of visitors visit the website ,which are present in the first page . Once there are a lot of users then you can make money from them. I will discuss this in my future posts.

Types of Backlinks

There are two classification in the backlinks : known as Follow and No Follow backlinks.

Do Follow backlink

Do follow backlinks are the HTML attributes(links) help the search engine bots to follow the link, they help in boosting the page rank for better result. 

No Follow Backlinks

No follow links are the HTML attributes they will not allow the search engine bots to follow the link. Usually,  these will not be considered for page rank.

How to Speed up the indexing of Backlinks

Following are the few techniques that help in faster indexing of the pages in google.

  • The Backlinks should be relevant to your Niche.
  • Promote the links on social media platforms.
  • Create unique content.
  • Create the best content for the user.

How to increase the backlinks

This is the core part of our post, how to increase the number of backlinks to our sites, we use two ways for backlinks indexing :
Free and paid version.

Indexing the backlinks is not a complicated task , usually it is done by some sites and google will take care of it, but in the meantime, we cannot force Google or any search engine to index the backlink. 

In the following paragraphs, we will discuss the different ways both free and paid versions for Backlink indexing.  Google will take some time to index the backlinks after the submission of the links.


The best and efficient way for backlink indexing is using the Google Search Console, it is free also.

Free Backlink Indexer

Following are the free backlink indexer tools:

  •  Google search console
  •  Ping Farm


Google search console

In the google search console, we need to just add the URL link to the URL inspection tool, the remaining things are taken care of by Google.

Ping Farm

It is one of the traditional methods used but it is still in use by many people. Ping Farm is a free indexing tool, it will just ping the backlinks.

It is another website that offers a free backlink indexer for the URL, it asks the user to enter the URL list and submit the same.

Paid Backlink Indexer

The free tools take lot of time for indexing and also they won’t provide any guarantee or confirmation regarding the indexing of the backlinks, but paid tools help in faster indexing and better results.

A lot of tools are available in the market for indexing among those following are the best with respect to efficiency and accuracy. 

  • Indexification
  • onehourindexing
  • Lindexed
  • GSA SEO indexer.




The Indexification basically creates short URLs of your links, ping them, create & submit RSS feeds, create and ping sitemaps of the website or blogs and also create and ping content pages with your links on.

They assure you that Google will at least crawl every single link you submit to Indexification. We can submit 1.5 Million link per month links per day for $17.97 per month. 


OnehourIndexing is one of the best tool available in the market for backlink ,after my research with other tools , it outperforms all other tolls with respect to indexing and ranking. 

It allows free plan for limited option , the basic plan starts with 17 $ per month and different plans. 

It is famous for the quality work , you will get assured results within two weeks of usage.


It is another tool that comes with a new feature called ping cloud, cost-wise it is more compared to indexification . The plan starts with 14.97 $ per month.

Lindexed and Indexification works the same way .

GSA SEO indexer

GSA SEO indexer is another popular tool used for backlink indexing, compared to the tools discussed, it offers good features and costs very little, only 20$  for lifetime access. 

The working nature is the same as indexfication tool.

Final words

Backlink indexing is one of the important tasks for bloggers, in this post I discussed many free and paid tools to do the indexing, in addition to these discussed few basic concepts related to backlink. I will update the content in future with more tools.

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