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How to Download Video from Facebook Online

fb download video online
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Reading Time: 3 minutes

In this post ,we will learn how to download the video from Facebook and other social media network .

You can download these without installing any software into your system and t phone also , only better internet connectivity is required to complete the process of videos downloading.


Top reason to download the videos from FB

Since Facebook is one of the largest social networking sites, currently more than 2 Billion users are active. 

Such an enormous amount of user accumulation leads to lots of sharing multimedia data (Audio and Video). 

There are many instances, we upload the video to Facebook like :

  • Uploading through Instagram.
  • Individual uploading from mobile phone or laptop.
  • Want to download the video from live streaming.

Tools to download the videos

There are different online sites are available to download facebook videos directly without having any limit on the length and size of the videos.

We will discuss the tools one by one:


Getfvid is the site that is exclusively dedicated for downloading Facebook videos. The following image shows the home page of the site.


It offers a very easy user interface to download the video, you need to just provide the video URL from Facebook to this site.

After pasting the URL,  click on the button Download, it will start downloading the video. By using Getfvid , we can download the MP4 , mp3 format videos.

Getfvid also offer the chrome extension,  this enables the user to download the video faster without vision the site.

We can use private downloader to download private videos from the Facebook page.

The downloaded videos will be stored in the default folder,which has been set by the user. But you can change the destination folder by changing the option in the browser setting.

We cannot able to download the live videos but they can be downloaded once the streaming is over.


fbkeeper is another online site for downloading the videos from youtube , the home page  of fbkeeper is as follows:


fbkeeper also provide user-friendly UI for downloading  the videos without any problems.

Like Getfvid , you need. to plaste the Facebook URL containing the video and click on the button Go.

It also downloads the videos in mp4 format. 

The videos are downloaded to the default Download folder.

It is a wonderful tool for downloading the Fcebook MP4 format videos to any other videos. 

The UI to download Facebook videos is as follows.

You need to provide the video URL in the space provided and click on the Download button to download the videos.

The features are same compared to the previous two tools. 

How to get the video URL

In all the above tools , I mentioned clearly to paste the video’s link or URL, the question arises how to get the video URL.

It is very simple to get the video URL, click on the video you want to download then right-click, it will provide the option to get the video URL.

Final Thoughts

Still, there are many different platforms may be present to download the videos, I will keep on updating if I got any new tool.

Let me know in the comments section if you are still confused about ,how to download a video from Facebook.

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