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What is Content creation?

This is the common question in the blogging community, To drive a good number of visitors to your blog, we require good content means the content is the king. 

It is not an easy job to create content for a user, some people will hire a freelancer to do this job, but those who don’t want to invest in it can rely on this post.

We divide the entire content creation into different subtopics, which are discussed one by one with clear meaning, please hang on to know the complete information.

The tools or the strategies suggested in this post can be applied to get content creation for blogs, content creation ideas for youtube, or any social media like Instagram.

The content creation mainly involves the search intent or the visitor intent. Once you have the right intent, then you can use an SEO tool to get good content for your blog or youtube.

Table of Contents

The top  different tools used to get  the content ideas  are as follows:

  • Buzzsumo 
  • Quora
  • Reddit
  • Alphabet Soup Method
  • Ubersuggest
  • Semrush
  • Pinterest
  • Answer the Public
  • SparkToro
  • Google Trends
  • Google Alerts

Above  I listed top tools, probably used by every SEO expert to get a better idea regarding their scrolling. 

We will see how each tool will be used to get better content ideas.


Buzzsumo is one of the top sites to invent ideas for content creation, we can search the current trending topic, we can search the required topic in the search bar , it will provide different ideas with information about  Facebook engagements, Twitter shares, Reddit engagements, etc.

 The following image illustrates this.


We can find the ideas for youtube to create better video content. 

Another best feature of buzz sumo, it’s backlink analysis of a domain. We can analyze any domain, which provides information about user engagement with the blog posts.

In addition to the above, it also provides many features like the Monitoring option used to monitor the domain, brands, competitors, backlinks, content.


Quora is one of the best tools to get the idea for a blog or youtube. On Quora, thousands of people share their thoughts in the form of questions and answers. We can monitor the activities of a person like his question and answers provided to the users. 

The following image illustrates the quora usage for idea generation for blogs or youtube.

Quora is the goldmine of ideas and contents. If we use it properly it is only sufficient to create better content.

Another powerful feature of quora is, it can also be used to drive traffic to our site. I will discuss this in another post for boosting the traffic to our site.


Reddit is an online forum, in which users can share ideas, give comments about the ideas.

Reddit is more popular because of its massive user base. 

We can use Reddit for content idea creation by doing more research on the required topic.  You can ask for the user to get more information about the topic of your choice.

Reddit provides trending ideas and popular posts.


 Ubersuggest is an SEO tool from Neil Patel, which will be used to perform many SEO operations like keyword overview, site traffic and backlink analysis. 

In addition to this, it also provides keyword suggestions for content creation, hence I am including this in my list of tools for content creation.

The following image illustrates the content idea generation from ubersuggest.

Now Ubersuggest is offering better services compared to older versions like competitor domain analysis and backlink analysis. 

In keyword suggestion, we can get the information about the KD(Keyword Difficulty) , Paid difficulty (PD), Volume. 

By using these parameters, we can make a better idea generation for our content.

Alphabet Soup Method

Alphabet Soup Method is a very simple method that can be used for better content creation for our blog or for youtube. 

Alphabet Soup Method works by google suggestion keywords list. Let us make it simple for you,

Open the Google search bar, start typing your keyword, Google will provide some suggestions to the keyword looking for, this is called Alphabet Soup Method, you can also get the keyword suggestion to the end of the search results.

Many of us don’t know about the name of this method, but you may have already used this technique in your content creation process, So I included one in my favorite tool for content creation. 

The following pics illustrate the discussion I just carried out above.



Semrush is an SEO tool like ubersuggest, but it is more popular among seo usage. The feature provided by Semrush is more compared to ubersuggest. 

Like Ubersuggest, the semrush also provides the keyword suggestion along with details like keyword difficulty, volume trend of the keyword, which is absent in ubersuggest.

We can get more ideas by trying more keywords in the search bar of semrush.


It is an image search engine, many of us think that it is social media, of course, it is but the real usage of Pinterest is like search engines.

By registering to Pinterest, you can get ideas about pins or the boards created in your profile. 

In recent days Pinterest is becoming more popular among bloggers and social media users. You can search for a keyword by searching the bar, it will provide the list of related boards and pins, you can share the pins of others and become a user by following the creator.

You can drive the traffic to your site using Pinterest, I will make a detailed post regarding this idea. 

The following images illustrate the usage of Pinterest.

Answer the Public

Answer the Public is another popular tool among the users of social media, it is very helpful for searching the content ideas and questions for the content. 

The following image explains how Answer the Public is used for content creation.

 It is absolutely free, anybody can use it without spending a penny. By entering a keyword, the Answer the Public comes with a web of suggestions for content writing.

The information provided by Answer the Public is limited, it just adds the question making words and comparison words to the keyword.


Sparktoro is an audience research tool, which provides insight into the topics, which are currently trending.

We can search the required topic in sparktoro, which helps us to find out users who are engaged in different topics.

In addition to these, it provides the suggestion about where your content should appear to get more eyeballs and traffic to your site.

SparkToro identifies the customers’ biggest sources of influence, and the hidden gems, which are useful for user engagements.

Google Trends

Google trend is one of my favorite content idea generation tools, I made a detailed post on google trends for blogging.

With the help of Google trends, we can identify the breakout news and trending topic depending on the geographical location and year. 

With the help of these, we can predict the trends of the topic.

Google Alerts

Google alerts are another powerful tool from google, which is very popular among the blogging community.

With the help of Google alerts, we can find out which are the topics we are currently talking about and user engagements. 

The google alerts ask for the user to set an alert for a topic of your interest, once you select a topic like a Machine learning, google will daily send the website information. where the topic is discussed.

We can set any number of topics to create the alerts, with the help of this we can get the new idea for the content generation or creation. provides an organized view of people, who ask data, showing a breakdown of which questions users are asking about a topic and finding how these questions linked to one another.

It also provides visualization of the data and export facility to CSV. 

We can enter a topic of our interest by changing the language and country. Then it provides a tree-like structure of the questions around the searched topic.  

It is a  free tool that gives the “People Also Asked” data, providing you an insight into longtail keyword searches and, importantly, defines the relationship between topics and questions.

Content Collaboration Tools

Google Documents

Google Documents are one of the best and easy content writing tools , with my personal experience google document provides an online editor with grammar suggestions .

It reduces the headache of saving the document again and again , meaning the document will automatically be saved after writing each word .

It is free , to get the google doc , you require only the gmail account .  I have written so many posts using google documents, it provides many exporting facilities like pdf ,rtf etc.

We can easily share the data just by clicking the button.


Grammarly is a popular grammar checking tool used extensively in the document editing process. 

It comes with both a free and paid version . 

It provides a free chrome extension , which is very useful for the people ,who are involved in online document editing.

Now they are extending their services like spell check and grammar to social media sites and mails.

For the blogger , it is one of the required tool.

Dropbox Paper

It is just like google document with easy interface to perform 

  • Write content
  • Add file
  • Include Images
  • To do list
  • Users can comment and share your document to social media sites .


BoostHQ is one of the reliable content collaboration platforms. 

It permits users  to make, store and offer inward information and substance in one spot for simple access. Clients can coordinate substance by classifications, labels, or gatherings, making the way toward putting away and recovering data, a breeze. 

Offer PDFs, images, videos, documents, and more into various worker gatherings and make data effectively open to everybody in the association. You can likewise see what’s the most famous piece of substance in the association and who are the most dynamic individuals adding to the space using analytics.

Visual Content Creation tools

Visual Content creation tools are playing a very important role in the content creation ,the main reason behind this is users understand the information  very easily compared to text.

The visual content like infographic , blog banner will increase the look and feel of the posts .

Hence a lot of bloggers invest a lot of time and money in these tools.

The above mentioned tools are free and paid , you will get limited access for accessing tools in free version ,you want full features then you have to select the paid version.

Among them my favourite one is crello , it is very easy to use and offers less price compared to other tools.

The Different tools are as follows:

  • Crello
  • Visme
  • Canva
  • Piktochart
  • Infogram.


Content idea generation is crucial in the blogging , this is the reason I created this post.

Finally we came to the conclusion of this post , I discussed so many different tools for the idea generation , in future I will try to add more content to this go to guide post , please give your valuable suggestion to this post.

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