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11 Best way to use Google Trend in 2021

How to use google trend
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Google trend is one of the application of Google Inc , is mainly used to get the alert from current news.

You are excited to know what the world is searching about?

Then you can use customize the Google trends according to your requirement.

In this article , I shed a light on


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What is google trend ?

As already told in the beginning of my article , it is a website from google , provides the data on trending data in the world . In addition to this , it provides an overview of popularity of the search term from the google.

Just like providing the rend data , it also provide the contexts , which are highly helpful for the content generation for the bloggers , means they get a idea about search term popularity.

We can check the popularity of a term based on the geographical location , we can give the worldwide or any country.

It also  provides suggestion related to the searched queries thereby we can search the popularity of those terms in keyword analysis tool.

One of the biggest drawback of Google trends is , it won’t provide the volume in actual numbers , it provides the relative data in the range from 0 – 100. 

The 0 corresponds to low searching results and moving towards 100 means high popularity.

Where does the google trend data come from for the prediction ?

Google has many sources to get the data , among them few are as follows:

  • Web Search
  • Google Image Search
  • Google News
  • Google Shopping
  • YouTube

In addition to the above , it will use other web sources for the analysis.

Using Google trend as keyword search and for general trend search

In google trend , we can search the particular keyword for the popularity for example ,in the following image ,  I searched for the word SEO and compared with other term also , google trend will compare the popularity of both terms in the form of line graph.

Like This ,we can add one more term for the comparison . We use the filters for the country and time etc.

Google Trend6

How to use the operators in Google trends?

We can use + used to connect more than one terms and trend in  multiple industries .

Like + we can use “” , the double quotes is used to get the direct matched results. The following image illustrates this.

Double quotes

Embedding the Google trend results to website

We Can include the graph to our site by pasting the code .provided by the google trend. The following image demonstrates how to embed the code to our site.

How google trends help bloggers?

If you google trends properly , It is a gold mine for the bloggers because it provides so many hot topics and niches ,which are interesting and currently searched from the people. 

We can perform comparison to different keywords based on the different trends.

I am discussing a few  following   use cases for the bloggers.


1. Finding the Profitable Niches

If Google Trend used correctly ,can be used to find the  profitbale niches in any industry for any geographical locations.

That’s right , depending on the popularity of the topic from past few years ,we can predict the blog area is profitbale or not.

2.Keyword Research

In the market , there are number of keyword research tools are available , but majorty of them premium versions. The google trend can be used to perfrom the keyword research by checking the popularity of the keyword.

But you didn’t get any information like ahref or semrush providing to the users .

3.Breakout Ideas

Some Topics get sudden attention from the uers, the growth increased to 1000% compared to previous year trend , this is the gold mine for the blog writer. 

These topics catches the sudden interest of the people and growth can be observed in these topics in future.

The following figure depicts this.


4.Find the Seasonal Topics

Google trends helps the blogger to find the seasonal topics depending on the interest of the peoples in the particular geographical locations.

5. Compare two or more Brands

We can use the google trend to comapre the popularity of two tools from two diffrent brands . For ex: Nike and Adidas .

In the above picture , it clearly shows the popularity of Nike with adidas over a year ,we can change the location , I had given the United states . it can be changed to any place.

Youtube trending videos

We can get the youtube trending videos from google trend just by making one small change. 

By changing the search option as shown in the above picture ,we can get information about trending videos in youtube .


Google trend is one of the best tool avaible in the internet for a blogger , by using this we can get inforamtion about blog topics and when we need to publish the topic and to know the intrest of the the people over a geographical area.

Please use the google trend by implemting above mentioned ideas .

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